Naruto 656 | Naruto manga 656

This page will soon be updated with naruto 656 manga scans, naruto 656 raw spoilers or when naruto 656 English scans is out. The point where I thought it started dipping was after the Pain arc. Quite frankly, Kishi should have taken a haitus after the Pain arc and maybe even a time skip. After Naruto defeated Pain he was established as a real force in the Ninja world. He had achieved a level of perspective, loss, and an appreciation for the perspective and dedication of even an enemy. After Pain, it was really time for Naruto to stop being treated as a cornball, one-note butt of simplistic humor.

naruto 656

But sadly after the Pain battle we were treated to Naruto letting people beat the crap out of him for no good reason, Naruto fecklessly begging world leaders to abandon legitimate grievances for no good reason, Naruto fainting as he hyperventilates thinking about Sauske, Naruto counting armadillo genitalia, Naruto forgetting things he knows 2 seconds ago… The manga after the Pain Arc has just been one long cavalcade of goofy, odd, illogical events one after the other. From Obito’s baffling reintroduction, to the bizarre plan of Madara, Edo Tensei, and a million other things. It’s all just come across as a series of very loosely related events strung together by the necessity of the plot having to go “somewhere”.

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